About Dr Shumin

13 Things You Should Know About Dr Shumin Xu

1. Dr Shumin Xu has a Bachelor Degree in Chinese Medicine from the Changchun University of Chinese Medicine, China.

2. Dr Shumin Xu has a Master Degree in Chinese Medicine from the Middlesex University, London, United kingdom.

3. Shumin has worked in 3 hospitals in China. Also as a TCM Clinical Job.

4. She has worked in 3 locations across the UK,. Kent, London and Sheffield. She has finally settled in Swindon.

5. She has 26 years of work experience in the industry.

6. Dr Shumin Xu was born in Changchun City in the NE of China, and she has been in the UK for ten years.

7. She is a fully qualified TCM Doctor.

8. As an enthusiastic practitioner Shumin has developed 3 special areas; pain problems, infertility, and miscarriage management. As well as practicing TCM for the more common ailments.

9. She previously established and ran her own TCM Clinic in China, and Sheffield, UK.

10. She has been working in TCM roles for 10 years in the UK.

11. Many patients are very happy and satisfied with the treatment.

12. She works hard at her TCM field, always learning and researching Chinese Treatments every day.

13. In her mind she just wants to help more and more patients to reduce their problems.

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Dr Shumin Xu

Dr Xu is a member of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners (ATCM) in the UK registration number FM 0090049(P).