Chinese Acupuncture Swindon

Suffering from chronic pains in areas of the body like your lower back, your shoulders, neck or anywhere else is horrible. At Acucare, we provide Chinese acupuncture in Swindon to relieve these problems and get you back to your best.

Pains can spawn simply from bad habits in slouching or ignoring aches for a long time. Regular acupuncture is proven to have a lasting impact on chronic back pain, cardiovascular issues and rheumatoid arthritis.

As the most popular health treatment across the world, acupuncture treatment works by the placing of little needles in specific points in the body. Alongside this acupuncture, it is recommended to have a Chinese massage. These are a form of deep-tissue massage that work hard into the muscles to relieve knots that can cause knock-on problems. Accompanying your acupuncture sessions with massage can be very beneficial.

Your well-being is of paramount importance to us and we want to ensure that you feel comfortable every time you step into our clinic. We will have a consultation with you before any treatment is administered.

After you have had your consultation with our team, we will give you a free written healthcare plan to keep you abreast of your progress. To find out more about our service or book your initial consultation, get in touch with us.