In January 2000 I had been suffering from my worst ever period of asthma.  My GP finally put me on steroid tablets for a short period of time.  My GP has stated that this was the final step and he could not do anything else for me.  I was also using 3 other inhalers, using salbutamol as much as 6 times a day.

This was the 6th successive year of my asthma getting worse and I had had asthma for about 10 years in all.  My asthma was seasonal commencing in December and ending in April.  However, every year each period of asthma gradually got longer and longer starting earlier and sometimes stretching into May.

The steroid tablets finally made me seek out a complementary medicine!  My urine was bright orange!

On commencement of treatment, receiving twice weekly 1-hour sessions of acupuncture I was able to stop use of one of my 3 inhalers every 2 weeks.  So after 6 weeks I was not taking any medication at all.  My condition did not deteriorate but started to improve to a point where I only had a slight niggling dry cough which seemed to be from an itch around my solar plexus.

Through further research into the condition further and after reading Chinese research papers on the condition my treatment plan at Acucare clinic was revised.  After only 2 further treatment sessions my cough was gone.

These treatment plans have been further refined and have benefited other other patients.

At the time of this update October 2012, I have not had any medication for 12.5 years. I now have periodic maintenance well  being treatments as the all round benefits to my health of using acupuncture have been amazing.

  • Alan Cooper, Sheffield

Stopped Smoking

My wife and I started smoking in the latter years of the 1950’s, and smoked about 20 a day. After trying patches etc and getting nowhere we decided on acupuncture at Dr Shumin’s and it worked first time.

No more clothes etc smelling of smoke. My wife and I would like to thank the staff at Dr Shumin’s for their help and support.

We have already recommended Dr Shumin’s to our friends.

  • Mr and Mrs Lesley, Sheffield

Weight Loss

Very good, lost 1 ½ stones with 10 sessions of acupuncture and capsules every day.

Each session was very good, the staff were excellent. I felt relaxed and comfortable, the treatment was explained very well and I will be recommended Dr Shumin’s to all my friends and family.

  • Mrs E Martin, Sheffield

Arthritis in Both Hands

Received acupuncture, herbal wash, massage, oil, and tablets.

Both hands were still very painful after the first few treatments, but as time went on the acupuncture really worked. After 10 treatments both my hands were 100% better. I can now do most things, such as gardening, free from pain. It’s been a nice experience and I would recommend Dr Shumins to my family and friends should they need it.

  • Jean Hobson

Lower Back Pain

I had a lot of lower back pain which was causing me a lot of discomfort, especially while walking. I was a skeptic about acupuncture, but after my second session it was amazing. I had 5 sessions all together and I have no pain and feel great.

  • Stephanie

Migraines at Any Time

Had serious migraines any time of day, but especially very early morning often at 4am woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. Often at work and very difficult to drive, felt dizzy, sick and exhausted. I slept 18 hours one day none stop. I had 6 one hour sessions of acupuncture and massage, and some herbal tablets.

Hopefully they have gone completely now, I felt better after the first session but fantastic after all six.

Give it a go, what have you got to lose?

  • Lee

Menopausal Symptoms Night Sweats

Feeling drained, disturbed sleep, tiredness, hot flushes in the day and heart palpitations.

Had 6 acupuncture treatments and 2 weeks taking herbal tea, then 2 types of herbal tablets.

Now I am feeling much better, I only wake once in the night but the sweating has improved greatly. I only feel a bit hot so now I can sleep much better. I do not have any flushes during the day and the palpitations have improved. I would recommend this treatment to all women, I think it is very successful.

  • J Roberts

Sinus Trouble

Suffering from allergies and sinusitis for many years.

I had a course of 6 acupuncture treatments and the medication prescribed by the doctor. What a difference feeling good using no nasal sprays or antihistamine tablets. Will certainly use again.

  • Paul

Back and Neck Pain

I have had a bad back for many years (over 20 years). After coming for acupuncture and herbal remedies my problems have now gone. I also had hot sweats which I had been treated for without success, these I am no longer suffering with.

I am so happy to have good health again with no pain and sleeping well and without waking because of hot flushes. I would certainly come back again if I have any health problems. Thank you for everything, the doctor Xu is brilliant at acupuncture and massage, and massages very courteous and helpful.

  • L Taylor